Seoul Stone Tri Function

Relax, Rejuvenate, Revitalize Experience showering in a new way

just €29.95



Relax body tension with strong streams of water to help massage the stress of the day away. Let our handheld shower head ease away your aches and pains.


Pinpoint water jets focus powerful, but yet gentle water for an invigorating spa like experience that will revitalize your skin and soul.


Find peacefulness under a gentle rainfall shower that gives you the feeling of calmness and tranquility.

Seoul Stone

No.1 Best Selling Handheld Shower Head

Discover Endless Relaxation and Tranquility while showering with our new innovative Seoul Stone Handheld Shower Head design.

Natural Spring Water

The black Germanium Stone will turn your tap water into natural spring like water, leaving your skin feeling clean and hydrated.

Soft to the Touch

Turn your home into a private spa. Create powerful but gentle water flow with the Seoul Stone Handheld Shower Head and its 250 water jets, leaving your skin feeling soft.

Purify Water

2 layers of mineralized stones will significantly reduce water impurity, chlorine, and bacteria which are the sources for damaged hair and dry skin. With the purifying effects, our handheld shower head will help you restore balance to your hair and body.

Increase Pressure, Decrease Consumption

Say goodbye to low water pressure with our newly design handheld shower head, with 250 water laser perforated outlet technology, increasing water pressure up to 200% while conserving water consumption up to 35% vs. other standard handheld showers.

Seoul Stone for Every Body

Suitable for everyone from children to adults and those with sensitive skin.

Quick and Easy Installation

Easy to hook up and installs in 1 minute. No complicated tools needed. Fits any standard size hose.